The Start! Course Tuesday mornings from September 30th

Start! Course – Introduction to Christianity

The Start! course is designed to help people discover the basics of the Christian faith. The sessions assume no previous knowledge of anything Christian. There is time to chat, simple discussion and space for reflection. All in a style that is down-to-earth and honest, and which aims to be enjoyable too. There is no written work or homework!

What To Expect – The course is a series of four DVD presentations over six weeks. Each video explains aspects of Christianity and raises questions that you, yourself may have concerns about. It tells you about Jesus Christ and his life and why so many people across the world put their belief and trust in him. Each session is friendly and relaxed and lasts around an hour. There is no pressure to complete the course. If it’s not your sort of thing – that’s fine. However, it’s a great way to discover a lively welcoming church and find meaning and purpose in your life. The six sessions of the Start Course cover:  Life is for living  Oh my God!  Jesus who?  What’s gone wrong?  Dying to save us  Into the arms of love

Want to know more about Start? Please contact Paul Irving