The Olympics – a reflection from Rev Paul

s3-news-tmp-103031-rio-olympics-2016--2x1--750Have you been enjoying the Olympics or does wall to wall sport simply mean more
channel hopping than usual on the TV?

In my constant desire to weave God’s story into our story something occurred to me.  As I watch elite sportsmen and women operating at peak fitness and with consummate skill, have you like me, noticed that they make their chosen sport look really easy?  In some cases effortless.

Hitting a DVD size bullseye at 70 meters with an arrow appears perfectly normal; I can barely see a DVD at that distance.  Running 10,000 meters at speed, performing amazing tumbles with landings as if you’ve just hopped off the bus.  It all looks easy doesn’t it?  I appreciate that from time to time you can see the effort, especially for those failing to win the medal they are striving for, the cost can be seen.    However, in the moments when people seem to be doing what they were created for and have trained for there is a sense of beauty and effortlessness.

I believe this gives God joy when he sees us enjoying & excelling.  I believe too that this sense of it looking easy, is something we can all strive for.   Our, “thing,” might not be running or throwing or swimming or some mad racket sport, but what is it that we are built,
in God’s image, to do and be.  What in us should we seek to train to develop and practice to the point where we operate effortlessly, or so it seems?

In terms of our spiritual life could the inverse be true as well?  For example, when working in the Kingfisher centre as a Chaplain, the days I strive less are the days that God seems to do more.  The world is a better place when we go with flow of what God wants for us.