Webheath Digital Photographic Club Exhibition

Webheath Digital Photographic Club, the Redditch History Society and University of the Third age have been participating in a photographic completion. 

The theme was, “From field to factory” – a spiritual journey from the Abbey to where we are today.

There was lots of interest and Paul and Ros, the editor of the Standard, had an interesting time judging the two categories; one for prints and the other for digital images (viewed on a big tele – courtesy of Hughes).  Remarkably Paul and Ros did not fall out and remain friends!

The quantity and quality of the entries was high.  The winners were presented with the “St Stephen’s” trophies by our Mayor, Cllr. Jenny Wheeler on Saturday Morning.

If you have a moment on Sunday, and you didn’t get to see them on Thursday PM or in the Kingfisher (opposite Muffin Break) Friday or Saturday then they are still there today.

We hope to select 12 of the images to produce a calendar that will be sold with the proceeds coming to St Stephen’s.   Thanks to Dennis from the Club, Elaine and many others for arranging this.